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We offer a complete range of custom built conveyor lines. We supply various industries including Food Hygiene. We provide a full back up service with a 24 hour call-out service.

We have a team of in-house designers who will be pleased to call and make recommendations for the most economical - both in cost and labour saving - conveyor to suit your particular requirement

Lineshaft Conveyors

System Outline
Lineshaft conveyor systems are purposely used when situations require back to back accumulation, but with as little pressure on the leading product as possible. This occurs via the design of the system which is that the lineshaft which is driven by the motor doesn't drive the belts directly but turns inside a nylon spool, driven via elastomer belts. By stopping the package on the roller the spool stops.

This type of system is generally used in such places where final production stages require the packaging of products into cardboard / tote boxes. Therefore lineshaft powered roller conveyors are generally sought in warehousing / packaging environments.


The Powerveyor series is designed to handle heavy loads up to 2000 kg for transport or assembly. They can be designed to run continuously or to be an indexing system. The incorporation of the torque limiter makes the systems more efficient and of a lasting nature. There are three types of heavy duty Powerveyor systems, those being the Series 1000, 3000 and 5000. The Powerveyor series would be used in such situations as pallet handling, drum handling and tyre handling

Torque Limiter
The torque limiter is designed as a robust system, capable of coping with the arduous nature of triple shift and continuous working with absolute minimal downtime for servicing, but more than this, the unit is totally maintenance free and is supplied with a 3 year guarantee. Knowing how important it is to keep systems working, our conveyors have been designed to enable rapid change of roller assemblies or the torque limiter in the event of changing circumstances or a unit being damaged.

Zero Line Pressure (Z.L.P)
Wherever it is undesirable to have loads accumulating against one another, Zero Line Pressure versions enhance the flexibility of our powered roller systems, thus enabling the non-contact accumulation of goods. With the use of a simple electro magnetic brake, this zero line pressure arrangement negates the need for a complicated control system.


New Belting
Depreux branded conveyor belt. E.p. Fabric, Grade 'N' Covers, all specifications, Lengths & widths available ex-stock.

Second Hand Belting
Large and varied selection of second hand belting, all specifications, lengths & widths available ex-stock.

Chevron Belting
All widths and patterns available, base belt in E.P. Fabric available ex-stock.

We also offer
Skirting rubber, scraper rubber, wear-resistant rubber. PVC and Polyurethane belting also supplied

Belt systems are predominantly used for handling all types of packaging or loose products. Depending on the use, the belt finish can either be a grip surface for inclines, low friction or food quality, this is achieved using either rubber, PVC or specified materials. The frame construction can also be manufactured in various materials, eg, mild steel, powder coated, zinc coated or stainless steel. The types of product usually conveyed on belts are boxes in plastic or cardboard, beds, electrical components, coiled cable, waste paper, chemicals, motors etc.

Fixed or Variable speed can be achieved via an externally mounted end drive unit, or motorised drum assembly. For reversing facility, a centrally mounted underslung motor would be used in conjunction with forward and reverse controls. For more integrated systems, a central external control panel would be used. Production requirements and facilities determine the construction and composition of the scheme.

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